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Lessons from the Pizza Industry

in Food
October 6, 2019
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Lessons from the Pizza Industry (for Every Food service Leader)

The U.S. pizza market is among the most saturated in the world. That’s not slowing down chains with hustle though. In fact, the fast movers are cannibalising others with a ferocity that should be cause for alarm for those not investing in the arms race that is shaping up.

In 2016 we published a viral hit on the state of the pizza industry: How Tech is Killing Off Independent Pizzerias. In this post, we’ll take a broader view at how things are shaping up for the global pizza market and some thoughts on where it is likely to head.

Here are 16 stats that put the category, and the performance of key players, into perspective. Read the entire article here – https://aaronallen.com/blog/pizza-industry